The Designer 

ILANA ARIEL is a fine jewelry brand rooted in thoughtful design. Based in New York City and designed exclusively by Ilana Ariel Sarna, each collection is an extension of Ilana’s graceful spirit, contemplative perspective, and heartfelt passions.

Ilana's love of jewelry arose at a very young age, as she was surrounded by unique styles and distinguished jewelry collections. Each woman in Ilana's family shone in a light that was uniquely hers, and Ilana was mesmerized by the equally shiny jewelry, especially the stories behind them. 

Over time, Ilana refined her understanding of jewelry while studying Art Therapy at New York University. It was then that Ilana learned the power of the creative process and how it can be used to communicate, facilitate growth, and deepen self awareness.

While receiving her J.D. at Brooklyn Law School, Ilana applied these concepts to herself in the form of jewelry design. To balance the monotony and logic of school, Ilana found creative refuge in jewelry design by wire wrapping bracelets at home. She also continued her formal jewelry education by taking classes in Manhattan, as well as apprenticing with a seasoned jewelry designer abroad. The result was not only introspection and artistic expression, but also the desire to pursue jewelry design as a career.

In 2013, Ilana established ILANA ARIEL and has continued to make intelligently designed jewelry ever since.


The Brand 

Similar to the heirlooms Ilana has admired all her life, ILANA ARIEL fine jewelry has become a tangible representation of intangible thoughts and stories.  Rendered in 14k and 18k gold, certain ILANA ARIEL designs reflect an appreciation for asymmetry and color, while others demonstrate a deep affinity for aesthetics of the past.

Ilana approaches each of her designs with an enthusiasm that has been fueled by her travels in North, South and Central America, as well as Europe and Israel. She is constantly inspired by landscapes and cityscapes, and by various textiles and adornments found in each of these parts of the world.

In these ways, ILANA ARIEL fine jewelry encapsulates one of the basic tenets of Art Therapy - the final products become treasures illustrative of beloved people and memories. This means of storytelling, not only for the designer, but also for the person who acquires the jewelry, is what Ilana finds especially moving about what she does, because the significance and story behind each piece evolves as its transferred from one person to the next.

By embracing the surprising beauty that emerges from the fusion of seemingly clashing styles, ILANA ARIEL designs are simultaneously classic and current. Each striking yet unassuming piece is like a link in a chain, tethered to what came before it, fixed in its own original form, and connecting the designer’s legacy to present day and eventually to persons and occasions unknown.